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What is LAN SUITE?

602Pro LAN SUITE is an easy-to-install and manage all-in-one server application. Its standards-based SMTP/POP3 e-mail server provides effective e-mail communication without the risk of destructive virus infiltration and productivity robbing unsolicited e-mail. Fax services seamlessly integrate into user mailboxes to unify e-mail and fax message access.

It supports a variety of access methods, from standard POP3 e-mail clients (i.e. Outlook Express) to built-in Web Mail access. The SSL SMTP/POP3 server provides secure encrypted transmission between the e-mail client and server. The built-in firewall provides effective protection against unauthorized access. Shared Internet Access through LAN SUITE provides your network users with a secure connection to the Internet. Be in complete control of when and where your network users can go online! 602Pro LAN SUITE is fully controlled from a standard WWW browser. It can be easily managed across a LAN, WAN or the Internet. The included Configuration Wizard will setup LAN SUITE and secure your network in less than 10 minutes, GUARANTEED! Why LAN SUITE?

This complete secure mail server with built-in firewall and proxy for controlled Internet Sharing is the most cost-effective solution on the market today. Pick between the standard version or the Anti-virus Edition, both available for 5, 10, 25 or unlimited users and make the best investment into your network. Do not waste your time and resources on a complicated, proprietary groupware solution, overloaded with features you will never use. Learn from other people's mistakes and download the FREE 5 user version today!

Lan Suite Antivirus Edition

The growth of malicious viruses has steadily increased from annoyance to a major security threat to all Internet users and businesses. Over 86% of 2002's top viruses used e-mail as their primary means of propagation. Virus infiltration has resulted in up to 20 work days lost, 50 hours for recovery, and costs an organization on average of $10,0001.

With LAN SUITE Anti-virus Edition all inbound e-mail messages and attachments are automatically scanned for malicious viruses and worms at the server before they reach your user's mailbox. Built-in BitDefender Anti-virus certified by ICSA Labs, provides an enhanced virus warning system for all LAN SUITE users.
BitDefender technology provides exceptional scanning speed and detection accuracy, which is critical to ensure timely and virus free message delivery.
How Does it Work?

All infected parts of an e-mail can be automatically removed, an e-mail notification to the recipient can be sent and the entire message can be delivered to a special account for later review. Each e-mail can be certified by a fully customizable signature to show it is virus free. One year subscription to Anti-virus updates are included to keep your virus protection up-to-date. The update scheduler allows automatic anti-virus engine updates without the need to restart LAN SUITE and does not require administrator intervention. No other software is required!
Save $$$

Save time and money with the LAN SUITE Anti-virus Edition! Instead of purchasing an expensive third party anti-virus solution and spending time managing and integrating it with LAN SUITE let us do the work for you. LAN SUITE Anti-virus Edition presents the most cost effective way to protect your organization against unwanted viruses via e-mail. The Anti-virus Edition includes a 1 year Anti-virus Update subscription.

LAN SUITE Anti-virus Edition (5 Users) $ 59.95
LAN SUITE Anti-virus Edition (10 Users) $ 179.95
LAN SUITE Anti-virus Edition (25 Users) $ 299.95
LAN SUITE Anti-virus Edition (Unlimited Users)

$ 699.95
After the first year the Anti-virus Update subscription is available on an annual basis for the following price:

Anti-virus Update (5 Users) $ 59.95
Anti-virus Update (10 Users) $ 80.00
Anti-virus Update (25 Users) $ 100.00
Anti-virus Update (Unlimited Users) $ 300.00
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